Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I was invited to the Indian Festival to host our Exodus, Inc. booth, a few days after our funderaising at Dr. Wang's Office

WOW, the funder was at the Temple in Bellvue, how breathtaking, looking up at this building that looks like a Kings Palace and seeing all the Indian dresses, food, items from India and so forth as nice. That was a day to smile and grin upon. Many stopped by the booth and gave. I had visited "The Temple" long ago, lets see I was prob. 19 or so, too young to understand and appreciate the diversity in religions, cultures, customs and people. I want to thank the editor of one of the biggest Indian Magizines in the country for givng me an invite and of course I only met him through Dr. Ming Wang. I got there a tad bit late and there was absolutely no where to park. We are talking about an event of 7,000-10,000 or more people attending. I was told you'll have to go down to the gulch and get on a bus and come back up. I prayed for a miracle and out of no where. I was right by a car and a young lady came down, got in the car and left. I was right in the front row parking. Gosh, God I thank you for that one. I had a lovely time, this day was amazing. I am by no means a Hindu, I am a Christian. But we win others over by the love and generosity we express and endow upon them. More to come and also photos of this event. Check back very soon.

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