Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Celebration of Cultures took place last Sat.

I got the word out as much as possible to people passing by. There was every nation, tongue and tribe there. The event was held at the Centennial Park. Fun, fun, fun.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I was invited to the Indian Festival to host our Exodus, Inc. booth, a few days after our funderaising at Dr. Wang's Office

WOW, the funder was at the Temple in Bellvue, how breathtaking, looking up at this building that looks like a Kings Palace and seeing all the Indian dresses, food, items from India and so forth as nice. That was a day to smile and grin upon. Many stopped by the booth and gave. I had visited "The Temple" long ago, lets see I was prob. 19 or so, too young to understand and appreciate the diversity in religions, cultures, customs and people. I want to thank the editor of one of the biggest Indian Magizines in the country for givng me an invite and of course I only met him through Dr. Ming Wang. I got there a tad bit late and there was absolutely no where to park. We are talking about an event of 7,000-10,000 or more people attending. I was told you'll have to go down to the gulch and get on a bus and come back up. I prayed for a miracle and out of no where. I was right by a car and a young lady came down, got in the car and left. I was right in the front row parking. Gosh, God I thank you for that one. I had a lovely time, this day was amazing. I am by no means a Hindu, I am a Christian. But we win others over by the love and generosity we express and endow upon them. More to come and also photos of this event. Check back very soon.

A way to get to India

Dr. Ming Wang put on a spectatular fundraiser at his office late last month for Exodus, Inc. The night was moving and such affirmation for me, truly knowing this is what I am suppose to be doing the rest of my entire life working with Victims. The funder was to raise awareness about the issues of abuse against women and children and funding to go to India. We are still raising support. If you want to send any amount to help aid our way, for we surely need it. We will be forever appreciative and so thankful. Our mission can not live with out you. You make it happen for us and God. It really does take others to bring it all together. Please take the time and call us or write us. All giving is 100% tax deductible and we will send you out a confirmation letter/form for your taxes. I would like to thank everyone who came to the event, you know who you are and how truly special you are to me. You could have been anywhere else in the world but you chose to spend it with me. I want to thank Dr. Ming Wang and his lovely new bride JJ., for all the humanitarian efforts/aide they give others and other charities. They remind me so much of Bill and Belinda Gates, but from China. Love to you all. The evening was a night to remember and one I will never forget anytime in the very near foreseeable future. Check back soon, pictures of the event are soon to follow.

Friday, September 26, 2008

My life's journey

I believe I am here not just for me but more so for others. For others who have not the strength or courage to speak for themselves or even utter the words "help me". I believe I am here to even cry and plead for their right and for their case to a good life, to fairness, to dignity, to justice, to happiness, to freedom, I mean their right as a human being. My mission in life is to reach out to victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, rape, incest and child abuse and help in someway to restore a life that has been broken and shattered in a million peices by by the hands of abuse. I believe my journey will take me to many Nations, infact some of the most oppressed by abuse, bondage, shackles and gross treatment. India, will be my first stop. I fell in love with this country last year. I was invited to a Dr. Ming Wang Benefit (You know the famous Doctor from China who has a true heart for the people.) He is an eye specialist and a little 4 year old girl all the way from India was in the news her Mother was trying to punish her by pouring acid in her eyes, while the little one peacefully slept. News of this horrific and unbelievable story hit over 2000 airwaves and newpapers all over the world for someone to reach out and help her. Doctor Wang helped her. After that night of hearing her sad but courageous story, a little girl who was placed in an orphananage for children victimized by human trafficking and all sorts of inhuman abuse. I was deeply moved to do more about the issues over there. This really grieved my heart. I began to look into the life of India and found out many things, I never wanted to know, things that blew me away, things that would break any persons heart in two. I learned of the daily practice of human trafficking. A modern day sex slave trade that has literally destoryed thousands of lives, women, children, and a great nation. Check back later there is alot more.